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Home»Vegetables»Garlic (Grade 1)
Garlic (Grade 1) (100 gm)Disclaimer: Product images are for representation purposes only.
Namegarlic (grade 1), 100 gm
MRPRs 25.00
DiscountRs 0.00
You PayRs 25.00     AddMinus1Plus
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Garlic (Grade 1) (250 gm)
Rs 50.00
Garlic (Grade 1) (100 gm)
Rs 25.00

About Garlic (Grade 1)

For the generation, people are not only using garlic forits medicinal value, but traditionally, people have rubbed their bodies withher, besides their bodies buried in the coffin, worn around the neck, he hungon the walls of the home and even they prayed to him. This large bulb has a lotof benefits, because no other plant has resisted for so long as a cure for manyhuman diseases. That's why garlic has been regarded as the "wonderdrug". Garlic has been used medicinally for many years for treating bites,tumours, ulcers, snake bites, wounds, headaches, heart disease, cancer,pimples, measles and many more. It also prevents infections like colds, commoncough due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.


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