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Home»Fruits»Green Apple
Green Apple (500 gm)Disclaimer: Product images are for representation purposes only.
Namegreen apple, 500 gm
MRPRs 130.00
DiscountRs 17.00
You PayRs 113.00     
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Green Apple (500 gm)
Rs 113.00
Rs 130.00
Green Apple (1 kg)
Rs 226.00
Rs 260.00

About Green Apple

All varieties ofapples have huge health qualities, but the greens in particular have protein,vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are well known for their benefits, fighting,low levels of good cholesterol, which regulate glucose levels and improvingappetite digestive disorders. Green apples on an empty stomach helps keep yourvital signs checked daily. 

Green apples are amajor source of flavonoids in Western diets and are rich in vitamin C. Theflavonoids found most of this type of apple cyandin and epicatechin. Theseflavonoids and vitamin C act as antioxidants and eradicate free radicals thatcause cell damage. The advantage of eating a green apple on an empty stomach isthat it gives your body the ability to fight these radicals from the start ofthe day. This helps in the production of healthy cells and reduces thelikelihood of chronic diseases. Green apples are one of the greatest enemies ofheart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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