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Home»Ayurvedic Products»Patanjali Pachak Hing Goli
Patanjali Pachak Hing Goli (100 gm)Disclaimer: Product images are for representation purposes only.
Namepatanjali pachak hing goli, 100 gm
MRPRs 50.00
DiscountRs 0.00
You PayRs 50.00     AddMinus1Plus
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Patanjali Pachak Hing Goli (100 gm)
Rs 50.00

About Patanjali Pachak Hing Goli

Buy online patanjali pachak hing goli in grocery store Pune.

Patanjali Pachak (digestion) by Xing Golitogether in the right proportion of spices rich blend of natural and organicvanilla. Hing its anti-flatulent, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antithetical, laxative, expectorant qualities.It is used to reduce flatulenceand even helpful. Xing provide a perfect natural remedy bloating and gasissues, as well. With ginger, black pepper and other spices Hing relievestomach and acidity problems. Pachak Xing Goli activates additional secretionof digestive enzymes to promote healthy digestion, without loss of nutrients.It also neutralizes the acidity and prevents nausea, diarrhea, and CRAMS. Bringa warm body in Xing Goli herbs and spices, promote blood circulation. PachakGoli protects the body from cold, cough, sore throat and other infections. Italso helps to reduce blood pressure levels. Xing Goli regular intake of pachakreleases all stomach without causing any problems, stomach subtle membranes.

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